Project Q

Accurate Quotations, Instantly

Ultra Fast Quotations

Fast, accurate quotations within seconds of capturing your customers needs.

Room By Room Reporting

Super clear room reporting explaining exactly what you will provide.

Instant Profit Analysis

Real-time gross profit analysis ensuring costs work for both parties.

Project Q - Qualify Your Customer In Minutes


"I can put something together really simply for the customer and give them the quote they're looking for without having to design it first. It's already taking the stress away!"

Jan Voss - York Home Cinema, UK


Project Q is an ultra-fast, super accurate qualification tool, created to capture your customer's needs and turn them into comprehensive, professional and profitable quotations, instantly.  It's designed by contractors for contractors and works with any combination of equipment, services and installation types.


Would you like to be paid before you create the design?

Think of Project Q as a brand new first stage in the sales process. Each proposal you prepare usually takes hours because you have to design it first. By moving that process along one step and introducing Project Q you will save those hours and allow your customer to change their mind as often as they want. 

Because Project Q is cloud based, you will never lose any of your data


We even set it up for you!

At Project Q we're all about making your life easier.  

We know how difficult it is to find time to set up new software, so we will do that for you as part of your license fee. We will have you up and running within 7 days, with your products and services populated in your app.  All you need to do is send us 2 typical quotations covering all aspects or categories of the products and services you sell, and we do the work for you.

Q-Setup also provides you with full business hours maintenance and support from our helpful team.

Q-Setup is FREE...... for ALL users.



One license covers one company location!

Your Project Q license is valid per company* and not per user. Having multiple people in your business able to qualify customers with Project Q will increase your chances of better revenue. 

* For companies with multiple locations a 'company' is defined as a single branch office or store location.  


Inside CI 5 Star Rated   


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