My Project Q iPad app is a fast, accurate qualification tool that captures customer needs and turns them into estimates, instantly. It's designed by contractors for contractors and works for any combination of equipment, products, services or expertise you offer your clients.

Stop spending hours of unpaid time preparing detailed quotations for customers and start qualifying them first with instant, accurate estimates.

My Project Q Features

Free Trial

We're offering you an unlimited free trial of the My Project Q app


3rd Party Exporting

Export your data to D-Tools saving hours of design preparation

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System Design Support

Designflow project documentation instantly costed into your project.

Quick Consultation

My Project Q allows changes to be costed immediately. 
It Illustrates options instantly allowing you to agree the scope and
final cost of the project at that all important first meeting


Instant Estimates

By showing simultaneous price adjustments 'on the fly' you can maintain control over the impact each change has on the profitability of the project.
When you’re agreed My Project Q also provides a profitable fixed price estimate and fee schedule at the meeting.
My Project Q is cloud based so you’ll never lose your data.


Professional Reporting

With My Project Q you can customise your reports and add
photos of your products or installations before emailing them directly to your customer.


New Feature: MPQSync

Spending hours in Excel? We can help with that.

Our new Export/Import tool MPQSync helps you expertly convert categories from Microsoft Excel
to your My Project Q account and back again. Saving you time and energy setting up and maintaining your system. Clever, hey?

Getting Started

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2. Download the app

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3. Start creating quotations

Quick, accurate and professional

What our customers say

"I can put something together really simply for the customer and give them the estimate they're looking for without having to design it first. It's already taking the stress away!"

Alan Treacher  -  Harpenden Electrical

"We put in a quote which initially took us 4 days to prepare, just to test the product, and with a few tweaks we've ended up with an estimating system which is extremely accurate"

Rufus Greenway - Sound Environment

"During the sales process designers were spending too much time. Project Q has allowed us to liberate our designers and put the power back into the hands of our sales team"

Peter Aylett - Archimedia


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