Instant Profit Analysis


As you complete the needs analysis, your cost summary builds in real time detailing the exact equipment and labour costs of each area of the proposal.

Project Q will automatically colour code each of these areas to help you and your customer understand at which point within the project this equipment will be needed.


Aside from an accurate customer's cost summary, you will get a real time Fee Schedule, detailing what the client will need to pay you, and what they will get for that price. You can even time stamp this schedule to assist with cash flow.

Use a secret key press to reveal a detailed Gross Profit Margin Analysis of each category quoted, showing the GP Margin and Labour Cost percentages across each category as well as total values for the project. 

Make an instant informed decision on the value of the project, protecting your profit and keeping a happy client. Instantly.

Project Q ensures you get paid for the design work you carry out before you do the work, while giving your client all the information they need in a clear and easy to understand format.