Meet the Team


Gary Vlaeminck

Gary is the founder of Hexacon AV, and oversees Sales & Development of My Project Q in the US. With a 21-year track record of success in global sales strategy and management at some of the world’s leading A/V companies, he has combined his energy and experience with long-standing business relationships to maximise the sales potential of many business brands, internationally.


Matt Dodd

Matt Dodd is the founder of My Project Q and CEO of Clavia, a specialist business development company which provides coaching and innovation to allow companies to increase profitability. Matt's vision with My Project Q has enabled many contractors across the globe to streamline their sales process, qualify more customers and close more deals. 


Christiaan Beukes

Christiaan is the MD of Cape Town based Sphere Custom Design and heads up Sales & Development of My Project Q in Africa and the Middle East. Having worked in the industry for almost 10 years in the UK, Europe as well as Southern Africa, Christiaan has a built up a unique insight into complex systems and their functionality.


Geoff Meads

Geoff is a twenty-five year veteran of the AV business. Specialising in digital marketing for AV companies, Geoff consults on all web-site development, training and marketing for My Project Q.


Eloïse Corke

With 10 years of user experience, visual design and software design, Eloïse manages the My Project Q range of apps and web products to keep it future ready and make sure our users are served the best experience


Robert D'Addario

Robert D'Addario is the President/Managing Director and one of the founding partners of Cleerline Technology Group. Robert's role with My Project Q is as a business consultant focusing on business development and corporate strategy.

Carey Thring

Carey oversees social media and promotional content for My Project Q, reaching out to new industries and demonstrating the product to clients at corporate events like ISEurope and CEDIA US 


Cameron Smith

Cameron is a 15 year veteran of the AV industry and currently serves as the Vice President of Technology with Liberty AV Solutions. Cameron consults with the My Project Q team on correct marketplace positioning, branding and mind share across many industries. 


Our History

After co-establishing his own company in 2004 our founder soon identified a big problem; quotations took a huge amount of time! Meeting with prospective clients and capturing their needs took many hours (and sometimes days...) to put together accurate quotations and back up reports. 

This problem was the nature of the ‘customized’ solution each client needed, and usually meant a full system design had to be created before an accurate proposal could be created.

There were several issues with this, each affecting the profitability of the business.

  • The design work was being done but not paid for
  • The customer would change the requirements after the quote had been delivered
  • The design work for the changes were being done but not paid for
  • The customer would often want to change the quote...again!

Several software programs were available for project design, but none that coped with the rapid changes that occur at the beginning of a project.
In short, there was a desperate need to be able to amend quotations quickly, easily and at minimum cost. As a result, Project Q was conceived! 

Project Q is a unique tool which...

  • Is flexible and allows changes to be costed immediately
  • Illustrates options instantly allowing you to agree the scope and final cost of the project at that all important first meeting
  • Shows simultaneous price adjustments 'on the fly' while maintaining control over the impact each change would have on the profitability of the project
  • Gives the client what they really want (the cost...) immediately
  • Provides a profitable fixed price quotation and fee schedule at the meeting
  • Requests a down payment so that project design can start right away
  • Profit is generated by increasing sales and decreasing costs.