Ultra Fast Quotations


When you arrive at your initial customer meeting, you must accurately capture the needs of your customer.

Your Needs Analysis in Project Q has been designed specifically to help you capture the important room by room information, quickly, and in a professional and clear way.

Project Q will calculate in real time the exact cost of the proposed system as you complete the Needs Analysis

We don’t expect you to hand over the quotation until you’ve sense checked it, but you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s prepared, before you leave the meeting.

Project Q is able to prepare a real time quotation which is comparable to the actual cost of the installation based on the needs you capture. Instantly.

Accurate set up is the key, and we use a unique and simple method to achieve this, meaning your company can be set up and quoting within one day.

We don’t rely on a huge database of products to operate, giving you massive flexibility on how you set up your own system.